Eternity in the echo chamber

In the wake of the horrific Orlando murders, I am reminded of conversations about death throughout the years that my friends and I have had with various people – many of whom claim no particular allegiance to Christ or Christianity, and some of whom are avowed atheists.  These conversations are good and necessary – we should all be aware that our life is a vapor, here today, gone tomorrow.  Even atheists believe that they could die tomorrow, we all could.

Nobody is guaranteed tomorrow.

In these conversations that we have had, we have noticed a few things common in all of them:

  1. Almost everyone believes that there is something after death
  2. Almost everyone believes that they will be in a better place after we die
  3. Almost everyone believes that Omar Mateen is not in a better place

And almost everyone believes that Omar Mateen is not in a better place for this reason – that he deserves to be punished for what he did. Continue reading “Eternity in the echo chamber”