Planned Parenthood and the real issue

I woke up this morning thinking about the potential to be disheartened at the support for Planned Parenthood I’ve seen the past couple of weeks. But then I remembered a few things about how Jesus saved me, about how He will build His church, about how He will judge the wicked, and about how vengeance is His.

And then I remembered something else – the real issue in this recent abortion discussion is not “selling” body parts. The real issue is that it’s legal for a woman to kill a child for any reason she wants to give.

And those of us who want to protect children are letting ourselves get sidetracked.

The people who support planned parenthood have a completely consistent argument – “It’s OK for us to kill babies so we might as well use their parts for something.” That is the argument, but they miss the point. The point, of course, is that “No, it is NOT OK to kill babies.”

I’m waiting for those who support Planned Parenthood to support them whole hog and say “Yes, I believe that it is OK to kill human babies, against their will, and it’s OK to use their parts for whatever purpose we want.”

Up until now, they have said “it’s just a clump of cells”. Up until now, they have said “a woman should be able to do whatever she wants with her body.” Up until now, they have said “It’s about health care.”

And they are still saying it even now. Despite the science. Despite the admissions by Planned Parenthood.

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